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Hybridity Testing

Conventional methods for determining purity using grow-out-test (GOT) is time consuming. With molecular markers, we provide fast and accurate testing of hybrid seedlots.

Quality control (QC) using molecular marker is an efficient way to identify impurities in materials. Straits Biotech employs high-throughput genotyping platforms to ensure robust, fast and accurate results.

Genetic Purity/

Quality Control (QC)

Seed Purity Testing

At Straits Biotech, we understand that a breeder’s seed stock is the core of the seed business. We provide a robust platform to test and verify the purity of your seed stocks to give you a peace of mind.

Germplasm Purity Testing

Want to know if your germplasm is homogenous or having off-types? Send us your samples and we will provide you a breakdown of your germplasms’ purity.

GMO Testing

We provide a gene specifc approach to test for individual Genetically Modified (GM) events.

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Genetic Purity Analysis

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