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Molecular Breeding

Straits Biotech has collaborated with multiple agencies to facilitate molecular breeding programs for various species. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in working with plant breeders. Our team of experienced scientists are able to provide you with appropriate guidance and support for your breeding program.

Germplasm Fingerprinting

The most important factor for a breeding program is to identify variation within your germplasm. We provide readily available and custom made solutions for the analysis of your germplasm along with genetic distance matrix and phylogenetic tree reports.

Marker Assisted Selection (MAS)

MAS is an efficient and cost-effective way to select foreground (FG) traits without phenotyping. Straits Biotech has custom made solution to enable MAS in your breeding program.

Marker Assisted Backcross (MABC)

MABC accelerates trait introgression into elite genetic background using a combination of foreground and background markers. We have customized solutions for your MABC needs.

Gene / Trait Stacking

Multiple favourable traits in different backgrounds can be combined or pyramided into a same background by stacking. Multi-parental crosses can be supported using our robust platform to ensure successful gene/trait stacking.

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